Ƶ is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate housing adjustments to students with disabilities who need accessible housing. There is a review process designated for that purpose.

Accessible Housing Consideration Process

The accessible housing process is a fair and effective means to address housing needs that cannot be met readily through the general housing selection process. The process begins with identifying the student’s essential needs and then determining a housing placement that addresses those particular needs.

Adjustments in the residential environment are not granted based on one’s preference or personal desire for a building or room location, but rather housing adjustments are created for individuals with documented medical needs.

Submit an Application and Documentation

To receive consideration for an accessible housing assignment, students are required to submit an  (for new students only). Please know that when your requests are submitted after the application deadline, your application will not be reviewed and you will need to enter the general housing lottery selection process. The housing application deadline is strictly enforced.

Along with the application, please be prepared to upload current documentation from a professional who is not a relative and who is qualified to address the student’s needs is required. For additional information related to the accessible housing application, please review the Requesting Accessible Campus Housing: Terms and Conditions

Consideration and Determination

Housing adjustments are not based on a diagnosis, per se, but rather on a comprehensive analysis of a student’s disability and how their disability directly interferes with one or more major life activity/activities as would be encountered in the residential setting.


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