Break and Summer Housing

Information for students who wish to reside in on-campus housing during the summer, school breaks, and between fall and spring semester. All applications will be made available on the .


On-Campus Summer Housing Program

As Ƶ does not have a summer academic term, students’ regular housing assignments do not cover the time period between spring and fall semesters, May to August. Through the summer housing program housing is available to students who meet specific criteria demonstrating a need to be on-campus for the summer. Summer housing is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Applications open in April.

Each summer, there is limited housing available for students who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Enrolled in faculty-supported research
  • Employed by an office on campus
  • International students
  • Varsity student-athletes

Graduating seniors and students who are working off campus are not eligible for the Summer Housing Program.

Open date: May 11, 2024

Close date: August 26, 2024

The dates above represent the earliest and latest dates during which students may reside in the Summer Housing Program. Students do not need to reside on campus for the full summer, however, preference will be given to students by length of stay on-campus.

Students apply for summer housing in full week-long blocks; there is no prorating for mid-week arrivals or departures.

Summer housing applications open in April.

During the application period, students may apply for on-campus summer housing via the student housing portal. Summer housing assignments will be communicated via email in early May.

Late Applications

Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed after all other applicants have been housed. Since applications are reviewed and placed on a first-come, first-served basis, late applications may not receive summer housing.

The Summer 2024 housing cost is $22 per day. 

Students apply for summer housing in full week-long blocks; there is no prorating for mid-week arrivals or departures.

Making Payments

The resident agrees to make payments according to the billing schedule and payment methods of the Office of Student Accounts.

No Refunds or Early Departures

Students have until May 2024 to amend their summer housing reservations. No refunds will be issued for summer housing beyond that deadline. Students who leave their housing assignments early will still be charged for the entire number of weeks in their summer housing agreement.


Students will be responsible for any damages that occur to residence hall property during their stay.


The location of summer housing for this year is Gate House & Burke Hall.


The room and board plan includes three meals per day in campus dining from Chartwells. Additionally, Gate House has a small shared kitchenette in the second floor common room for occasional use with a sink/microwave and Burke Hall has a full kitchen accessible by Gate Card on the first floor.


While summer housing is in session, the lot next to 113 Broad Street and the non-faculty/staff parking spots located along Lally Lane will be available and dedicated to residents in Drake Hall.

Two students remaining on campus for the summer who wish to live together may indicate that preference as part of their application. Students may only request one roommate, and the request must be mutual to be accepted.

Students working on campus during the summer are not required to live on campus and may choose to live in an off-campus residence. There is no lottery for off-campus summer housing. 

Those considering an off-campus residence should be mindful of the following:

  • Ensure the off-campus housing option has facilities that will meet all needs throughout the summer.
  • Request and retain a copy of the lease for your records.
  • Secure off-campus housing for the entirety of your summer stay.
  • Ƶ cannot guarantee early move-in for the fall semester.

Questions and Support

Please direct questions about the Summer Housing Program to the Office of Residential Life.

Winter Break

Winter break housing is available to students who do not have alternative arrangements while University residences are closed for the weeks between the fall and spring terms.

Students requiring housing over the winter break period are asked to complete the application in their housing portal.

Staying on Campus over Recesses

Generally, students are away from campus during school recesses, including:

  • Mid-term recess in the fall semester (“fall break”)
  • Thanksgiving recess in the fall semester
  • Mid-term recess during the spring semester (“spring break”)


Students who choose to remain on campus may continue to reside in their normal on-campus residence, but must first register with the University via the student housing portal. This registration is important, as it assists University personnel in maintaining a fully functioning and safe campus for the students who remain on campus.

University residences close for the weeks between the fall and spring terms. Students who require on-campus housing during that time may apply through the late stay and early arrival processes in the housing portal.

Late Stay and Early Arrival

DZٱ’s academic calendar lists the dates at which residential facilities open and close for each semester.

Students whose plans may necessitate an early arrival for the fall semester must receive permission from the Office of Residential Life. Early arrivals are limited to students participating in a pre-orientation program, student athletes with scheduled practice, and student employees that necessitate living on-campus prior to the official opening of the University residences noted on the University's academic calendar.