Residential Facility Assistance and Repairs

Learn how students may place work orders with the Facilities Department for needs within residential facilities on campus.

About the Facilities Department

The Facilities Department — often referred to as “Buildings and Grounds” or “B&G” — supports the maintenance of all physical facilities on campus. Students who wish to report an issue with their residential facility should contact the Facilities Department to place a work order. The following are a few examples of the types of issues with which facilities can assist:

  • Light outage
  • Broken window
  • Blocked toilet
  • Lock and key issues

While the Office of Residential Life can assist students with questions and concerns regarding room selection, roommates, and residential programming, please direct questions and concerns regarding facilities and maintenance to the Facilities Department.

Submitting a Work Order

For issues of standard, nonemergency maintenance, students may submit a work order. Facilities will review and address the submission within a few days.


Lost Keys

Students who have lost their keys, should report it immediately to the Office of Residential Life who will then activate the process for replacing the lost key.

Facility Emergencies

Should an issue arise that requires urgent attention, please contact the Facilities Department immediately by phone:

  • Business hours: 315-228-7130
  • After hours: 315-228-7468

Emergencies include issues like overflowing/running water, electrical or heat outages, inability to lock/secure doors, etc.

Other Emergencies

For all other emergencies, including health, safety, fire, etc., contact campus safety: