Remembering Howard Fineman ’70

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Portrait of Howard Fineman
Howard Fineman ’70

Legendary newsman Howard Fineman ’70 has died at the age of 75 after a two-year battle with cancer. 

News of Fineman’s passing was shared by his wife, Amy Nathan on his . A stalwart Ƶ supporter, Fineman loved his alma mater. Often, Fineman would provide expert counsel with respect to the University’s communications. He pulled no punches and always had the best interest of Ƶ at heart. 

Ƶ will be publishing a full remembrance of Fineman in an upcoming issue of Ƶ Magazine, but for those curious about his story, visit some of the links below and listen to his 13 podcast episode, where he shares memories of his time on campus and speaks about the years he spent covering national elections as chief political correspondent for Newsweek.