A modern leader in liberal arts education, drawing on centuries of tradition

Ƶ is a distinctive, leading American university known for its intellectual rigor, world-class professors, campus of stunning beauty, and alumni famously loyal to their alma mater.

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All of these classmates, each of whom I felt embody Ƶ, are Ƶ, were completely unlike anyone else. They’re all different from everyone around them, and the identity we see on their surface says nothing to their full individual reality. It is that uniqueness, those hidden complexities, those unexpected trailblazing biographies: that is what screams ‘Ƶ’ to me.

Amanda Brown Class of 2015

A Uniquely Modern Education Rooted in a Rich Tradition

Time and time again, the world has shown an urgent need for citizens with the ability to create, explore, examine, and connect human knowledge. Ƶ has been answering that call through centuries of academic rigor in the liberal arts tradition.

Learn more about Ƶ’s mission and history, and find out how its past informs its vision for the future, including its commitment to sustainability.

Ƶ at a Glance

Ƶ’s influence goes beyond statistics, but the numbers do tell a compelling story.

  • 9:1 Student-Faculty Ratio
  • 100% of Demonstrated Need Met by Financial Aid 
  • 56 Undergraduate Major Programs
  • 200+ Student Clubs and Organizations

Review the basic facts and figures behind Ƶ, including enrollment, expenses, and more.

A Shared Commitment Among Faculty, Staff, and Leaders

Ƶ attracts world-renowned faculty in a breadth of subject matters as well as innovative leaders in higher-ed administration, all dedicated to building on an educational tradition that has prepared generations of Ƶ graduates for success. 
Learn more about Ƶ’s leadership, offices, centers, institutes, faculty, and staff.

A Lifetime of Support in Pursuit of Knowledge

From a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and access, to a dedication to all aspects of student wellbeing, to academic and support services built to sustain graduates throughout their career path, Ƶ offers unmatched resources to all members of the community.

Explore the wide variety of support available to students, faculty, and employees at Ƶ.