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Upcoming Admitted Student Webinars

Tuesday, March 26
7 p.m. ET

Ƶ offers a distinctive approach to a liberal arts education by exploring a wide variety of subjects rooted in critical thinking, powerful communication, and creative problem-solving. Additionally, Ƶ’s academic excellence is not bound to the walls of the classroom. Hear from faculty members about Ƶ’s Core curriculum, robust research programs, and opportunities for off-campus study.

Wednesday, March 27
7 p.m. ET

The Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC) anchors every Ƶ student's academic experience. As the heart of Ƶ’s academic program, the LACC is a common intellectual project for the University, exposing students to diverse fields of study and modes of intellectual and creative inquiry across the curriculum and furthering Ƶ's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. During their time at Ƶ, every Ƶ student will complete Core 111: Conversations, which is part of Ƶ's LACC.

Monday, April 1
7 p.m. ET

Congratulations on your admission to Ƶ! An admission and financial aid representative will review components of Ƶ’s financial aid letter for helpful context as you review your own.

Tuesday, April 9
8 p.m. ET

Join members of the international student community and the Office of International Student Services to talk about life at Ƶ. Your questions are welcome and encouraged.

Wednesday, April 10
7 p.m. ET

Explore, understand, and appreciate cultural and religious identities at Ƶ through the lens of current students. This is the first of two webinars in the Student Experience Series that covers religious affinity and cultural appreciation groups, the support they provide for students, and how the University continues to foster a community for everyone.

Thursday, April 11
7 p.m. ET

Explore, understand, and appreciate first-generation and LGBTQ+ identities at Ƶ through the lens of current students. This is the second and final part of the Student Experience Series where we explore how students are supported through clubs and organizations and how the University continues to foster a community for everyone.

Tuesday, April 16
7 p.m. ET

Every student’s journey is unique. Hear from current students as they describe their typical day at Ƶ.

Wednesday, April 17
7 p.m. ET

Ƶ’s Third-Century Plan represents the largest and most important transformation in the history of the University. With many initiatives already underway, hear from faculty who have been involved in many notable advancements and those that will continue to take place during the next four years and beyond, including the Middle Campus Initiative for Arts, Creativity, and Innovation.

Monday, April 22
7 p.m. ET

The Ƶ career services approach engages students early, embeds career support into the places they live and learn, and tailors it to the individuals they are. Join career service representatives as they discuss the resources, funding, partnerships, and planning that ensure success at Ƶ and beyond.

Class of 2028 Virtual Meet and Greet

Join your future classmates for a virtual meet & greet. We will use breakout rooms to facilitate conversation. No agenda, no script, just a space and time to share a Ƶ “Hello!”

Saturday, April 6
10 a.m. ET

Sunday, April 14
8 p.m. ET

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